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The “All-Inside” Arthroscopic Brostrom Procedure in Palm Beach County

Oct 20, 2021

The “All-Inside” Arthroscopic Brostrom Procedure in Palm Beach County

Restore your quality of life with the “All-Inside” Arthroscopic Brostrom Procedure from Dr. Caitlan Clancy at The Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County. Millions of Americans suffer significant ankle sprains every year.

Restore your quality of life with the “All-Inside” Arthroscopic Brostrom Procedure from Dr. Caitlan Clancy at The Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County.

Millions of Americans suffer significant ankle sprains every year. Whether they suffer ankle injuries playing sports or gardening in the backyard, most patients respond well to conservative, non-surgical treatment. However, some patients require a surgical repair performed by the foot and ankle specialists at the Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County.

If you have experienced chronic ankle damage and pain that has not responded to physical therapy and medications, be sure to consult with Dr. Clancy to discuss arthroscopic treatment options.

Who Needs the “All-Inside” Arthroscopic Brostrom Procedure?

In a small percentage of cases, patients suffer significant damage to their ankle ligaments or require treatment for chronic ankle sprains, requiring surgery. In the past, ankle surgery involved highly invasive procedures, including large incisions. Thankfully, advances in modern medicine now allow for minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery.

Patients who may need the “All-Inside” Arthroscopic Brostrom Procedure include those who suffer from:

  • Chronic ankle sprains
  • Severe ligament damage
  • Frequent ankle pain
  • Ongoing ankle instability

Benefits of Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery

Traditional ankle surgery usually resulted in relatively large scars, long recovery periods, and significant pain. The invasive nature of old-fashioned ankle surgery also led to more complications than today’s arthroscopic surgery. Patients who undergo the Brostrom Procedure benefit from faster healing, less pain, fewer complications, and superior cosmetic results.

Faster Healing

Three days after surgery, patients can begin putting a little weight on their repaired ankles while wearing a protective boot. Patients can start physical therapy after three weeks. At four weeks after surgery, patients can transition to a supportive shoe with an ankle brace and start physical therapy.

Less Pain

In general, patients experience less pain when recovering from arthroscopic ankle surgery than traditional surgery because of much smaller incisions and the added stability that the Brostrom technique allows.

Fewer Complications

Patients who opt for the “All-Inside” Arthroscopic Brostrom Procedure experience fewer complications during and after surgery. Because arthroscopic surgery minimizes the size of incisions and sutures, patients enjoy a reduced risk of infection and the negative consequences associated with a high number of stitches.

Superior Cosmetic Results

One of the things that patients love most about arthroscopic surgery is the aesthetically pleasing result. The incisions and sutures remain so small that the resulting tiny scars become almost completely unnoticeable after a couple of years. Indeed, avoiding significant, lifelong scarring is one of the primary purposes of arthroscopic surgery.

What Does Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgery Entail?

Arthroscopic reconstructive foot & ankle surgery requires the expertise of a highly-skilled, experienced surgeon. At the Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County, Dr. Caitlan Clancy has performed scores of successful reconstructive surgeries, allowing patients to get back to doing what they love most.

As an advanced, complex yet low-risk procedure, reconstructive ankle surgery restores the full function of an ankle joint. It involves four incisions, debridement, placement of suture anchors, and surgical wire. Below, we have simplified an explanation of the process.


At the beginning of the surgery, the surgeon will make two initial incisions to create access portals. The surgeon will make the third and fourth incisions towards the end of the procedure to complete the ankle stabilization.


After the creation of the initial two portals, the surgeon will debride any damaged tissue. The surgeon will remove any bone spurs or synovitis they find. Additionally, the surgeon will look for other pathologies to address.

Suture Anchors

To stabilize the ankle, the surgeon will use two anchors that are inserted into the bone. Surgical wire is then used to repair the ligament and stabilize the ankle joint. Using surgical wire, the surgeon will tie the two anchors together, providing stability to the ankle joint. Finally, the surgeon will close up the portals with stitches.

Enjoy your restored freedom of movement by scheduling an “All-Inside” Arthroscopic Brostrom Procedure today! Call the Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County at 561.967.6500 for information regarding arthroscopic ankle surgery in South Florida. We have offices in Lake Worth, Boynton Beach and Wellington, Florida.