A fracture caused by Osteoporosis can lead to excruciating pain and can be devastating to a patient’s mentality. With Kyphoplasty, a surgery used to repair an osteoporotic fracture, OCPBC’s Dr. D’Ariano and Dr. Billinghurst can confidently offer pain relief and stabilization for the spine.

How does the surgery work?

The injured bones are re-set by restoring some or all of the lost vertebral body height due to the compression fracture with a specialized cement for the vertebrae. Followed creation of space for the treatment with a balloon-like device, each damaged vertebra is repaired without stitches and can take less than an hour to complete for each. Patients are under local or general anesthesia and monitored closely following the procedure.

How OCPBC Makes it Easy

Under the attentive care of Dr. D’Ariano and Dr. Billinghurst, patients are tended to in the recovery room and can either go home to rest or stay overnight in the hospital. OCPBC recognizes that every patient is different and the doctors aim to tailor treatment, custom to every patient’s needs. While soreness at the injection site is inevitable, some patients find that they can walk within an hour of the procedure and the soreness does not persist.

Who is eligible?

Experts typically recommend the Kyphoplasty procedure to patients seeking to alleviate the issues from cancer-damaged vertebrae or certain spinal fractures. Many cases are at the site of weakened bones, or osteoporosis that has caused the vertebrae to compress or collapse, causing pain or a hunched posture.

OCPBC Wellington is Here

We welcome you to visit our Wellington location or any other of our state-of-the-art facilities for all of your musculoskeletal needs. If you have sustained pain or discomfort and would like to inquire more information about the benefits of Kyphoplasty treatment, you can call OCPBC at 561-967-6500 or visit our website.