What is text neck syndrome and how can I avoid it?

Americans are addicted to their cell phones and are even starting to suffer injuries from using them too much. Specifically, doctors are starting to see patients suffering from something called “text neck syndrome.”

When people text message, they typically tilt their head forward to view their screens. Often times this forces the neck muscles, tendons, and ligaments to strain to hold the head up. Younger patients are starting to complain about chronic neck and back pain. In addition, physicians are starting to notice signs of premature degeneration of the spine in patients who are decades younger than usual. Typically, these symptoms are seen in older adults or those in certain occupations. These signs and studies show us the effects that frequent text messaging and tilting forward can have on our bodies.

Exercise and overall wellness practices can help you obtain better posture, which will decrease your chances of adapting text neck syndrome. Yoga and Pilates can especially help you achieve a strong neck and back.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent neck pain while text messaging and using your phone:

  • Stand up straight or sit-up straight. Good posture keeps the body aligned.
  • Raise your phone to eye level so your head doesn’t always have to be tilted
  • Stretch frequently. Arch your neck up to ease muscle pain.
  • Stay in shape. A strong back is able to handle more stress.
  • Take breaks. Spend time away from your phone. 

Stretches you can do that keep the neck and back healthy

  • Rotate your head so that it’s looking out over one shoulder, then turn slowly and rotate it in the other direction
  • Tuck your chin down and slowly raise it up toward the ceiling
  • Rotate your shoulders clockwise while holding your arms down by the sides of your body

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